The must-do events during National Science Week 2019

We’ve got the lowdown on the must-see events for National Science Week 2019.

Use this guide as inspiration for your school, classroom or personal National Science Week events to get involved in between August 10-18 this year.

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Planet Shark takes audiences underwater and face-to-face with the ocean’s most feared predator. Credit: National Science Week

Australia’s National Science Week 2019 kicks off from August 10-18. It’s Australia’s biggest celebration of all things science and features more than 2000 events across the country.

Here are some of our top picks to check out near you.


SCINEMA International Film Festival screenings are being held right across the country. Everyone from schools to sports clubs to community groups are taking part and hosting their own mini-festival. With over 500 screenings nationwide, you’re sure to find one near you.

You can also host your own – registrations are still open! All you need is the internet and some snacks. Check out the details here.

South Australia

Learn all about Virtual Reality at the Adelaide City Library. Give a VR headset a spin and go on your own adventure, without even having to leave the room.

In Blair Athol, all those junior geologists can dig for real gemstones. After identifying the rocks and minerals, you can take them home and add them to your own collection.

New South Wales

For those of you who are guilty of watching the show Hoarders, you can now learn the science behind the disorder. Join Melissa Norberg from Macquarie University as she explains the science behind hoarding.

In Sydney, Science in the City is bringing 400 interactive workshops to the street. The event is tailored for students with interactive workshops, shows and presentations. Learn about the relevance and role of science in your local community.

Western Australia

Do you want to get up close and personal with the ocean’s most feared predator? In Fremantle, Planet Shark gives you that chance! The exhibition includes models of real sharks as well as a collection of their teeth, jaws and other fossils. There’s also a walk-through gallery features HD projections of underwater shark footage.

Explore the solar system without having to take a trip to space. The Koorda Drive-in is putting on a presentation on the big screen. Then, audiences are taken on a guided laser tour of the night sky, followed by stargazing and a Q&A session.

Northern Territory

Air Race at the Darwin Entertainment Centre is combining an action-packed live adventure performance with the true story of the 1919 Air Race from London to Darwin. From crash landings to disappearing planes, the story of seven fearless teams is sure to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

If you want something a little more laid-back, come join gardening legend Costa Georgiadis at Alice Springs Community Garden. You’ll learn all about growing healthy gardens before indulging in pizza, chai and cake at the Garden Tea Party.

Australian Capital Territory

In the nation’s capital, Questacon are hosting two nights dedicated to the spirit that will put a warm fire in the your chest – tequila. Enjoy a selection of tastings while you explore agave-based spirits, and try to separate the fact from the fiction.

Continue the 18+ fun at the Hellenic Club in the City, with Sex, Slugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll – Marine trivia night where the Australian Marine Science Association (AMSA) ACT Branch brings you bedroom antics of our marine world, from large scale orgies and simultaneous orgasms to love bites that never end.


The world went crazy for Pokémon, but are they even possible, biologically? An interactive seminar delivered by Gurion Ang from The University of Queensland will compare the features of Pokémon with living creatures to determine whether they could realistically exist.

Have you ever wanted to walk amongst the dinosaurs? Holoverse’s Holographic Dinosaur Experience is your chance! Take part in pre-historic adventure rooms where you can feed a Brontosaurus – but be careful and make sure to stay clear of the Velociraptors!


Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery is giving the public an exclusive look into the vault. Take a guided tour and have a look into some of the collections that scientists are currently investigating that are yet to be seen by the public.

At the Republic Bar in North Hobart science communication is being combined with improvisation theatre. Hear from a range of scientists including a marine parasitologist as they ‘riff off’ with other scientists. Plus, there’s nibbles and beer to keep you full and hydrated.


How do you make coffee in space? This event looks at a hypothetical challenge posed to the Space Agency in 2025. A roleplay will see a team of experts will attempt to resolve the issues around making coffee in space, all as the public watches on. After, members of the public are invited to taste and rate the different styles of coffees.

Plastic has got a bad rep with the public. They pose a huge global environmental and health problem. But what about the other uses of plastic? From electronics to building and renewable energy. The Future of Plastic aims to address whether we need to give plastic the flick for good.

To find more events in your area, check out the National Science Week website.

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