Nuclear tech officer Matt

Topics: Chemical Sciences – Radiation and Nuclear Physical Sciences – Energy Additional - Careers Concepts (South Australia): Chemical Sciences - Properties of Matter Physical Sciences - Energy Years: 9 Hot rods of science - Matt on the Job Video length: … Continued

Rodney Brooks – The Roomba

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Topics: Additional - Careers Concepts (South Australia): Years: 8, 9, 10 Video length: 3:25m Meet Rodney Brooks, a guy who just likes building robots. But you may know him as the inventor of Roomba, the robotic vacuum cleaner. He talks … Continued

Yuri Kivshar – Physics

Topics: Physical Sciences - Forces; Energy Additional - Careers Concepts (South Australia): Physical Sciences - Forces and Motion; Energy Years: 8, 10 Video length: 1:53m Meet Yuri Kivshar. He is an expert in “metamaterials”. As a physicist, he works on bending … Continued

Bryan Fry – Snake Venom

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Topics: Biological Sciences - The Body; Ecosystems Concepts (South Australia): Biological Sciences - Form and Function; Interdependence and Ecosystems Years: 8, 10 Video Length:2:23m Meet Dr Bryan Fry, a world expert on venom. He studies venomous animals and how they … Continued