Electronic skin that behaves like skin

New device mimics body’s feedback response This article is suitable for Yr 9 and 10 biology students learning about the artificial skin and the role of engineering in biotechnology.   Word Count: 906 A concept image of electronic skin that … Continued

Five things you should know about the brain in our gut

From moods to memory, the brain in our gut has a big impact on the brain in our heads. RMIT neuroscientist Elisa Hill-Yardin says our gut brain is one big nervous system and could play a part in neurological disorders. … Continued

Honeybees get the concept of symbols as numbers

We know that bees can understand zero and do basic math. But now a new study shows they may be able to connect symbols to numbers. This interesting article could be used alongside Biological sciences for years 5, 6, 8, … Continued

Branching out: Making graphene from gum trees

Researchers have developed a cost-effective and eco-friendly way of producing graphene using one of Australia’s most abundant resources – eucalyptus trees. This interesting article could be used alongside Earth and Space, Chemical and Biological Sciences for years 7, 8, 9, … Continued