Sean Geoghegan – Meet a Medical Physicist

Careers in STEM don't always follow a linear path and people don't always know what they're going to be when they grow up. Watch this career profile to find out about the importance of medical physicists in Australia, what they … Continued

Chernobyl is now a hugely important wildlife refuge

Topics: Biological Sciences - Ecosystems, The Body, Genetics, Lifecycles, Living Things Chemical Sciences - Chemical Reactions, Atoms, Solids/ Liquids/ Gases, Particle Models Earth and Space Sciences - Renewable/non-renewable resources, Rocks, The Changing Earth Physical Sciences - Energy Additional: Careers Concepts … Continued

‘Ghost imaging’ could lead to safer and cheaper 3D X-rays

Topics: Biological Sciences - The Body Chemical Sciences - Atoms; Particle Models Physical Sciences - Energy Additional: Careers, Technology, Engineering Concepts (South Australia): Biological Sciences - Form and Function Chemical Sciences - Properties of Matter Physical Sciences - Energy   … Continued

Space futures

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Topics: Earth and Space Sciences - Solar System Additional: Careers Concepts (South Australia): Earth and Space Sciences - Earth in Space Years: 5, 10 Video length: 3:34m ISS flight controller Andrea Boyd takes a walk around the International Astronautical Congress 2017 Expo, … Continued

Nuclear tech officer Matt

Topics: Chemical Sciences – Radiation and Nuclear Physical Sciences – Energy Additional - Careers Concepts (South Australia): Chemical Sciences - Properties of Matter Physical Sciences - Energy Years: 9 Hot rods of science - Matt on the Job Video length: … Continued