Refracted Glory

Before Galileo, Descartes and Newton, Thomas Harriot made some of the breakthroughs ascribed to his famous peers – but as Robyn Arianrhod explains, it’s his investigation into an everyday occurrence that shows just what it takes to discover a scientific … Continued

A vampire star has been spotted sucking the life from its victim

A white dwarf star in the middle of a feeding frenzy sheds new insight into vampire star systems. Suitable for Earth and Space Sciences delivery for years 7 or 10. Word Count: 424 An artist’s impression of a vampire star … Continued

Are you already an ‘official’ Space Scientist?

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Topics: Earth and Space Sciences – Solar System Additional: Careers Concepts (South Australia): Earth and Space Sciences - Earth in Space Years: 5, 7, 10 So You Found a Solar System Word count: 715 How everyday people around Australia recently found … Continued