Sugar ants love pee, and it might reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Pee-loving ants that chomp down on urea could help prevent nitrous oxide release into the atmosphere. An interesting new way to look at Carbon Capture for year 10 Earth and Space Sciences, as well as relevant to the year 6, … Continued

If we want to control greenhouse gases then we need to think ‘blue carbon’

Blue carbon ecosystems like seagrass and mangroves are a heavyweight in capturing carbon, but we’re losing them quickly. This interesting article explains carbon capture in action to students in year 10 studying Earth and Space Sciences or Senior Secondary Earth … Continued

If we keep heading the way we’re going, the platypus is in big trouble

Development and drought are pushing the platypus, like many other native Australian species, on the path to extinction. Suitable for years 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 for Biological Sciences study, or year 10 Earth and Space Sciences. Word Count: … Continued

Lizard evolution highlights power of climate change

The fragmentation of lizard populations millions of years ago could spell trouble with continued climate change. A new way of looking at the impact humans have on species from a Global Systems angle, suitable for delivery alongside the Earth and … Continued

Renewable energy for industry is no sweat with new system

Scientists have developed a new system that makes using renewable energy for industry more viable. This article explains why this has been difficult previously and is suitable for use with Year 7 or 10 Earth and Space Science students. Word … Continued

Air pollution killing almost nine million a year

Topics: Earth and Space Sciences - The Changing Earth Additional: Careers, Maths, Technology Concepts (South Australia): Earth and Space Sciences - The Earth's Surface Years: 10 Air pollution killing almost nine million a year | Cosmos Word Count: 386 Deaths … Continued

In Class With… Monica Gagliano

Get access to the biggest STEM names and brightest minds with our In Class With... series. Topics: Biological Sciences -  Ecosystems; Cells; Living Things Earth and Space Sciences - The Changing Earth Additional: Careers, Maths, Technology, Engineering Concepts (South Australia): … Continued