Model or Monster?

In a two-room laboratory sequestered in a hunkered-down building in Werribee, Victoria, a small but mighty group of baby frogs, some of the last bastions of their embattled species, are patiently waiting to die… In this article Amalyah Hart takes … Continued

The science of the sausage sizzle

What’s actually in the sausage and bread you buy? And are there scientifically safer ways to cook it? Apply students' knowledge of living things and chemical reactions in this resource (including an experiment) about food science. It is best suited … Continued

Scientists closing in on deadly frog fungus

A deadly frog fungus has devastated amphibian populations across every continent, but new studies show that it doesn’t exist at all in New Guinea. This short article could be used alongside Biological and Earth and Space Sciences for years 6, … Continued