How does 3D printing work?

Additive manufacturing has extended past manufacturing and into prototyping, fashion and even medicine. Learn about the different 3D printing devices and the pros and cons of each. This resource is best suited to Year 8 and 10 Chemistry students looking … Continued

Good as bone

Australian researchers take 3D printing to the next level with material that mimics bone tissue. This resource is best suited to Year 8 Biology and Chemistry students who are learning about cells and compounds. It is an excellent example of … Continued

From 3D printing to bioplastic, seaweed just keeps on giving

Topics: Biological Sciences - Ecosystems, Cells, Lifecycles, Living Things Chemical Sciences - Atoms, Solids/ Liquids/ Gases Earth and Space Sciences - Renewable/non-renewable resources Physical Sciences - Energy Additional: Careers, Technology Concepts (South Australia): Biological Sciences - Interdependence and Ecosystems, Diversity … Continued