International Day of Women and Girls in Science

On Tuesday 11th February 2020, the world celebrates the amazing contribution that women and girls have had to science.

Watch, read and listen, and get to know the amazing Women in STEM that we have featured throughout the year. They’ve got a lot to say, and they’re saying it loud enough to change the world.

Tuba Kocaturk – Designing the Smart Cities of the Future

Tuba Kocaturk is at the forefront of bringing technology and architecture together in the smart cities of the future. Find out what drives this architect of the future, and how she got to be a leader in her field.

Michelle is bringing sustainable food to the world

Michelle Grant crosses science and social sciences to influence food sustainability programs around the world.

Australia needs more engineers – and more of them need to be women

Engineering skills are going to be vital in the future – and Australia isn’t producing enough. But to harness all the innovation and ingenuity available, that needs to include more women.

In 2019 a whole bunch of awesome Aussie women in STEM got Wikipedia pages

If you want to talk about merit, these women have it in spades and deserve to be recognised.

Inspiring science teachers recognised by Prime Minister’s Prizes

The Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science recognises outstanding teachers for their efforts in inspiring students with STEM.

This year, Sarah Finney from Stirling East Primary School and Samantha Moyle from Brighton Secondary School have been recognised for their inspiring work in schools.

In Class With… Jane Goodall – Your students’ questions answered

Legendary chimpanzee expert and conservationist Jane Goodall took time from her busy schedule to answer students’ burning questions about nature, animals and, of course, chimpanzees in this exclusive In Class With… event.

Thinking about careers and choosing which subjects to do in high school can be confusing.

Find out how STELR’s inspiring Women in STEM & Entrepreneurship found their way.

See more STEM & Entrepreneurship Career Videos at:

Curious about Entrepreneurship?

How to go from having an idea, to making it real?

These Women in STEM are each on their own unique journeys as entrepreneurs while also making a difference.

Find out more about their careers at

All-girl team smash competition in engineering challenge

A team of four girls from St Mary’s College in Adelaide have slayed the opposition in a thrilling, nail-biting engineering challenge.

Competing with Maths – Lesley West: How a Maths degree helps a Triathlete

Lesley West has a Bachelor of Mathematics & Statistics from the University of Strathclyde. She also competes as an amateur triathlete.

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