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In our latest In Class With ….episode entomologist, food scientist and STEM entrepreneur, Skye Blackburn-Lang (aka the Edible Bug Lady) shares her STEM journey.

Answering questions about her passion for insect farming, her life-long fascination with bugs and insects, and her pathways to building a STEM business, Skye inspires students to follow their interests.

For students exploring sustainability and the environment, and STEM themed business ideas this In Class With …. will deepen their understanding of sustainable food production, insect farming, and locally grown business opportunities.

Video Length: 13:36 min

Meet Skye:

Skye Blackburn-Lang always wanted to be an entomologist…

As a child, Skye was fascinated with all living creatures, especially the spiders, butterflies, and other insects in the bushland she grew up nearby.  Her unusual childhood pets included ‘Fluffy’ the tarantula and ‘Woodstock’ a giant burrowing roach that blows kisses.  By the age of four, Skye knew she wanted to be an entomologist.

Following her passion, Skye studied bug science (entomology) as well as food science at university (something which at the time, seemed like a strange mix of professions).  However, by combining the two, along with her entrepreneurial talent and dedication to sustainable food production, she designed a range of edible insect products that are safe to eat and taste great!

Skye’s company Circle Harvest was Australia’s first farmer of insect proteins and is a world leader in edible insect farming techniques.  As Australia’s largest and most advanced insect protein farm, they have even developed robotics and artificial intelligence to streamline their insect farming processes.

Skye, and her trailblazing team, teach people that insects are an eco-friendly and delicious, alternative protein.  Skye feels that by educating people about the way that edible insects can be farmed, she can help reduce some of the misconceptions about eating bugs.

Most of all, Skye loves inspiring the next generation to follow their passion to achieve their career dreams, like she has.

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