Coming Up: In Class With… Dr Georgia Ward-Fear

Tropical ecologist, reptile biologist and explorer, Dr. Georgia Ward-Fear, is taking on questions from school students around Australia in this exclusive In Class With… event

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Like many of us, as a child Georgia was inspired by Sir David Attenborough. She watched as he investigated the mysteries of nature and decided she wanted to do that too.

Georgia successfully developed a technique to reduce the impact of wild cane toads on native fauna. Cane toads are an introduced species to Australia and poison many important Australian animals, such as quolls, goannas, snakes, and crocodiles. Dr Georgia Ward-Fear’s work trains these animals to dislike the taste of toads (like the aversion we get when we’ve had food poisoning caused by a certain food). This work could save these Australian ecosystems.

Georgia has won the University medal (2009), been a Val Street Scholar (2013-16) and is part of the Homeward Bound initiative (2019); a global network of Women in STEM, collaborating to influence global environmental policy. She collaborates with the indigenous ranger network across northern Australia and produces educational material for the public.

Georgia is a huge advocate for equality and diversity in science. She is a ‘Superstar of STEM’, a program run by Science and Technology Australia that aims to smash gender stereotypes of ‘Scientists’ and encourage more girls to work and stay in the STEM fields.

An adventurous spirit, Georgia has trekked through many continents and travelled thousands of kilometers in a sea kayak to live with the people of the pacific islands. Such experiences fuel her passion for conservation research here and abroad.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, here are some of the kinds of questions that have been asked in the past:

    • Why is STEM so important?
    • What’s your favourite dinosaur?
    • If we needed to escape Earth quickly, what one other species would you take with you?
    • Why does our hair go grey when we age?

You can now submit student questions to Dr Georgia Ward-Fear either by video or in writing.

10 of Georgia’s favourite questions will receive a copy of her Aussie STEM Star book!

Entries will close at 11 am AEDT on  Friday 2 September 2022.

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