Hybrid sheep-human embryos – transplant hopes and ethics

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Biological Sciences – Cells; The Body; Genetics

Additional – Careers, Technology

Concepts (South Australia):

Biological Sciences – Form and Function

Years: 8

Birds and mammals beat lizards and amphibians to survive climate change

Hybrid sheep-human embryos bring transplant hopes

Hybrid sheep-human embryos bring transplant hopes

Not just the oceans, freshwater acidification is happening too

The challenger to WRESAT’s crown

Word count: 438

Ground breaking developments in chimera stem cell grown organs for transplant – could be used alongside delivery of  (ACSSU149) or (ACSSU150) for Year 8 biology to discuss how the advances in this area force the discussion of ethics surrounding this topic, as well as asking the question – are cells and their functions as set in stone as they once were?

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