Geothermal energy and Earthquakes


6 & 9-10

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Earth and Space Sciences – Renewable/Non-renewable resources; Plate Tectonics; Extreme Earth Events

Physical Sciences – Energy

Additional: Careers; Technology; Engineering

Concepts (South Australia):

Earth and Space Sciences – The Earth’s Surface

Physical Sciences – Energy

Years: 6, 9, 10

Word Count: 252

This short piece reporting on recent proof that the 5.4 Mw earthquake in South Korea in late 2017 was caused by geothermal energy harnessing, and why that might have been. Can be used alongside Year 6 Earth & Space Sciences –  (ACSSU096) regarding sources of electrical energy & Physical Sciences –  (ACSSU097) – earthquakes; Year 9 Earth & Space Sciences – (ACSSU180) – thinking about plate tectonics & causes earthquakes & Physical Sciences – (ACSSU182) – explaining energy transfers & Year 10 Physical Sciences – (ACSSU190) – efficiency of energy transfer systems, & Earth & Space Sciences – (ACSSU189) thinking how human activity affects global systems in terms of global thermal systems.

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